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Drop Off Info:

Drop Off Information:

Consignor Drop-off is planned for 3 days a week. At the Everett Mall From the outside of Building 215. Please See the attached MAP.

1. Please bring your prefilled out Consignor Agreement to the Mall signed. If you have a Crib or a Car Seat please fill out one (1) copies each of the Crib Checklist and/or Car Seat Checklist (if applicable) with you up to the Check-in Table at the front entrance BEFORE unloading your items.

2. Once you have checked-in you will be able to unload your items and start bringing them inside. We have rolling racks for you to place all of your items on by Gender and Size (We will be inspecting everything before it goes on to the racks), Expect Drop-off to take approximately 20-30min.

3. We will be having Drop Zones. Clothes, Shoes, Large Items and Battery operated items will be inspected all at the same time. Bring in your very best shoes and make sure that all of your battery-operated toys/electronic devices have working batteries in them so that our Shoppers can be assured that they are in working order before purchasing them. (If they Need new batteries we will have them available for purchase) Please try to have all books & Movies together, Games, Toys (Separated out by Boy, Girl, Infant and Toddler We will have baskets for you to place those toys in and we will put them out later.), We will have a basket for Accessories, and all the other items.


Consignor Pick-up is scheduled, October 8th and 9th at the Everett Mall Please Make Sure to Pick a Pick-up Time in the Scheduler when it is available 

1p-6p - Consignor Pick-up, Saturday October 8th 

1p-6p - Consignor Pick-up, Sunday October 9th

1. Bring your boxes, bins, bags, etc. We will have a Consignor Pick-up Form for you to fill out when you pick up your items. NOTE: If someone else will be picking up your items, please email Tasha at so that she can send you a copy of the Pick-up form. Please make sure you've noted the name of the person who will be picking up your items on the Consignor Pick-up Form, then sign and give it to that person to bring during Pick-up.

2. After you check-in, We will show you to your items to be pick up. Please inspect your items before you pack them up. If you find any items that are not yours, then please give it back to an employee so we can get it back to the appropriate Consignor.

3. Once you have packed up your items, please check the Lost & Found and High Value Areas (if you submitted something at Drop-off). Then, bring your Items to the Check-out area and turn in your Consignor Pick-up Form.

4. You may still donate any items that did not sell. Please place all items you wish to donate in the Charity Donation Area.

5. Pick up hangers as well (while supplies last).

6. Any items not picked up by Sunday, October 9th, at 6:01pm will be donated (no exceptions).

If you have questions? Email us at

I am excited to see you at the sale! 

Thank you so much,

Tasha Johnson


Start: May 10, 2021
12:00 AM
End: September 3, 2021
12:00 AM
Just Between Friends - Everett/Monroe, WA

Everett Mall, Southeast Everett Mall Way, Everett, WA, USA

Southeast Everett Mall Way 1402
98208 Everett WA
United States

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