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* Please note the consignor fee above is nonrefundable and nontransferable. 

NOTE: To MODIFY your appointments/tickets, use the modification/cancellation link in your confirmation email! If you return to this page and try to reserve tickets a second time, you will also be prompted to modify your existing reservation.


Appointments are REQUIRED for drop off and tickets are REQUIRED to shop. Please complete all fields above.


Children under age 16 are not permitted during presale shopping times (besides infants worn in a carrier) until 7 pm (New family presale shopping from 7-9)

We strongly recommend leaving children at home during drop off and pick up also, if you are able to, because drop off and pick up can be very busy!


Note: Each consignor will receive one guest pass. The link to reserve the guest pass will come in your confirmation email. 



 Please plan to allow 30-90 minutes for this process depending on how many items you are selling.

   1. Bring your items tagged, prepped, and sorted by type & size.

   2. Car Seat Checklist All Car seats and car seat bases sold must be new.

   3. Crib Waiver

   4. Large item Claim ticket (You can print and attach this ahead of time or do it at the sale) HERE

   5. Items must be dropped off by 8pm. If you need to bring large items or complete drop off early presale morning email


   JBF Dover: Consignor Pick up Saturday October 9th 8:30-9:30p

   If you want to donate anything that doesn’t sell, you will not need to come to pick up.  Any remaining items are donated to our charity Partners. Due to the limited space on our trailer, we can not take your items home with us.


JBF will be following all current CDC guidelines regarding COVID-19. JBF reserves the right to change their policies,  according to the CDC or the DE DOH change their recommendations.

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