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NO Time to tag your items for the sale? No Problem!

We have a list of Taggers that are available to help you get your items ready for the sale. 

They are experienced consignors that also tag for other families.

This is a great solution for the busy parent who wants to make 

some money off of the outgrown children's toys and clothing they have 

laying around but isn't sure where to start or simply doesn't have 

the time to get everything tagged and ready for the sale.  

You work directly with your tagger.

Consignor payout 60%
Tagger's charge 20% +fees
Total Payout = 40% minus supply fees and consignor fee (this ticket)
*JBF will deduct the 20% and fees from your check and pay your tagger for you*

We do offer an Early Bird ticket when registration opens so be sure to grab that ticket and save!

Taggers are located all around Delaware and some even service the Maryland areas. 

Items you give to the taggers must fall within the Acceptable items for each sale. You can find the list HERE.


Start: October 4, 2021
2:00 PM
End: October 4, 2021
8:00 PM
JBF Dover Fall 2021 VIP Consignor Registration

Dover Indoor Tennis

Persimmon Tree Lane 633
19901 Dover DE
United States

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