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You can find this in your JBF Profile under your name - the format will look like A-123-BCD


As a condition of selling items in a Just Between Friends Consignment Sale, I represent, warrant and agree that the following are true and correct in all respects:

Your Unsold Items

After the sale, you may chooses to donate or pick up your unsold items. Donated items are received by The Wishing Well Foundation which distributes items to several non-profit organizations in Pierce County. The Wishing Well supports local foster families and foster youth.

Seller Payment

Choose SmartPay to receive in-store credit (70% payout on sold items). Choose eCheck for the fastest payment method - a check will be emailed to your inbox (60% payout on sold items). Choose paper check via US mail if needed (60% payout on sold items).
If requesting a paper check in the mail.

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