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You'll get your Presale tickets links emailed to you the week prior to drop off

Guests: Each Seller gets one Presale ticket for a guest. You may share your Guest ticket with someone else via photo (we'll show you what to write on the ticket before taking a photo). Guests may arrive with you or after you. 

Kids: We recommend shopping the Presales without kids. Each human in the building counts toward our capacity limit, so you may use your Guest ticket for a child.

Wednesday's Presale will be staggered entry in small groups to maintain low capacity in the building. Limited amounts of tickets available for each hour 10a-2pm. You are welcome to come shop anytime before 8pm; however, if we are at capacity inside, you will have to wait until shoppers exit.

We invite the following shoppers in on Wednesday as well:
2-4pm Prime Time Shoppers
4-8pm First Time Parents, Military/First Responders, Teachers, & Foster Parents.

Saturday's HALF PRICE Presale starts at 6pm for all Sellers (plus one Guest) and then maintain a line outside the entrance after we reach capacity (Per Phase 2 retail guidelines).  Registers close at 9pm.  No Tickets needed - we will be checking Sellers & Guests in at the door from our Seller list.

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