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No time to unload and put your items out on the sales floor (or just don’t want to), then EXPRESS DROP OFF is for you! Grab your time by selecting the "Get Tickets" button and following the Express Drop Off links.

Cost: $10 per 100 items (Item counts will be checked against the number of items in the tagging site. Be sure to clear out old tags!) 

Location: drive to the East side of the coliseum and park in the lot. Text Bonnie at 325-716-7356 with your name, make/model/color of what you are driving, and the approximate amount of items you have (e.g. 3 boxes and 3 large items). We will send someone out to remove your items from your car. If you have large items that takes more than one person to unload please bring someone to help get them out and into the venue. 

DETAILS: Items must be dropped off in labeled BOXES or TOTES with lids that can be left on site (no trash bags, laundry baskets etc.). Large items do not need to be boxed (i.e. strollers, gear, etc.). Boxes/Totes will not be returned.

Items must be organized by gender, size and type of item (toys, shoes, etc). 

Boxes must be clearly labelled with gender/size/item type (shoes, toys etc.) and consignor name. You can put multiple sizes of hanging items in a box - simply alternate the way the hangers lay.  

If your items are not organized and labelled, we will not be able to put them out. We will hold onto them and return them to you at pick up (unless marked to donate) and a $15 fee will be assessed for storage. 

If you have any questions, please email Bonnie at

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