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Consignor Drop Off:  

Sunday, May 2nd from 5pm-10pm by appointment time only. Express drop off available from 6-9pm.

Monday, May 3rd from 10am-1pm by appointment only. Express drop off available from 10am-12pm.

Mid Sale Consignor Drop Off: Thursday, May 6th from 8:30am-9:30m. No appointment necessary. 

Consignor Pick Up: Sunday, May 11th from 3pm-5pm by appointment time only.  All items remaining at 5:01pm will be donated to our charity partners.  

Consignor Details:
Sellers at JBF earn 60% on sold items with an administrative fee of $15 removed from your check after the sale.
Sellers earn $350 per sale on average. 
We’ll email you a Seller’s Guide to help you get started. Want the guide now? Click the

Pricing: You set your own prices and watch your check grow each day of the sale in your online tagging account. Guidelines for pricing can be found in the consignor guide HERE. At JBF you can sell an entire season of items all in one place at one time—you drop them off, everything is organized by size and type on the sales floor, and you get to shop early which means the best selection at the lowest prices! 

Payment: After the sale, you choose to pick up or donate your unsold items to our Charity Partner.  Payment is sent via echeck within a week after the sale is over. You win, your kids win and our community wins!

Additional InfoSellers may incur additional fees if any battery-operated items they are consigning require a battery replacement during the event in order to show that the item is in working order. Replacement batteries are $1 each. 

Sellers may incur additional fees if items are returned to the sale due to misrepresentation, broken, not working, missing parts/pieces, etc. For each returned item the consignor will be charged $5. 

Sellers may incur additional fees if they have more than 9 items pulled from the racks during inspection for quality reasons (i.e. stains, holes, etc.). They may be charged $.25/item for items 10-20 pulled for not meeting JBF quality standards. Sellers may be charged $.50/item for over 20 items pulled for not meeting JBF quality standards. 

Have questions? Email us at or text us at 325-716-7356.  

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