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Appointments are REQUIRED for drop off and pick up. Please complete all fields above.


NOTE: To MODIFY your appointments/tickets, use the modification/cancellation link in your confirmation email! If you return to this page and try to reserve tickets a second time, you will also be prompted to modify your existing reservation.

We strongly recommend leaving children at home during drop off and pick up.

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(You can find this in your JBF Profile under your name - the format will look like A-123-BCD) ***If you do not put in the correct consignor #, this will affect whether or not you receive your presale passes since we send based on consignor #.
Please select Pick Up unless Donating ALL your items.
(This does not have to be exact but just helps us be prepared for how much to expect at drop off. :)


Please read entire consignor waiver and check each box next to the section after you have read it.
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You do not need to print your ticket.  You can either show it on your phone at drop off or we can look it up for you.  Save your ink & paper. :) 

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