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Valet Consignor Details:

To participate as a Valet consignor you must have at least $150 worth of items (JBF value). Please sign up as a Valet Consignor HERE and then use the Get Tickets button to schedule your drop off time. 

Valet sellers at JBF earn 40% on sold items with an administrative fee of $15 removed from your check after the sale. 20% of your sold items pays your tagger (20 + 40 = 60%)

There is a $15 supply fee for the first 200 tags. Each additional 50 tags is $5.

Payment: After the sale, you choose to pick up or donate your unsold items to our Charity Partner.  Payment is sent via echeck within a week after the sale is over. You win, your kids win and our community wins!

Additional InfoSellers may incur additional fees if any battery-operated items they are consigning require a battery replacement in order to show that the item is in working order. Replacement batteries are $1 each. 

Sellers may incur additional fees if items are returned to the sale due to misrepresentation, broken, not working, missing parts/pieces, etc. For each returned item the consignor will be charged $5. 

Sellers may incur additional fees if they have more than 30 items pulled during inspection for quality reasons (i.e. stains, holes, etc.).  $.25/item for items 31+ pulled for not meeting JBF quality standards. 

Have questions? Email us at or text us at 325-716-7356.  

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